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Fox News host utterly demolishes antigay marriage guest

Brian Brown, head of the vociferously anti-LGBT group National Organization for Marriage, has usually found a warm welcome on Fox News, but his appearance on Wednesday night’s The Kelly File didn’t quite go as he expected.

Following Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore’s illegal instructions to state probate judges to ignore the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, Brown quickly ran to the media to defend the renegade judge’s decision. Moore noted that the Alabama Supreme Court still hasn’t lifted their March 3 ruling that prohibited probate judges from issuing licenses to same-sex couples.

Moore’s actions drew quick condemnation from civil rights groups, legal organizations, and federal prosecutors who clarified that the US Supreme Court’s decision trumped the state court’s. Moore, who was previously removed from the bench for violating a federal court order, is currently facing multiple ethics complaints surrounding his judicial activism surrounding same-sex marriage.

Brown’s appearance started off on the wrong foot when he claimed that the Supreme Court’s decision wasn’t binding on state courts, Host Megyn Kelly tried to explain the legal concepts already decided in Marbury vs Madison, but Brown refused to listen to reason.

Watch as Brown attempts to tell Kelly, a former attorney turned talking head, that she doesn’t understand one of America’s most basic legal concepts.

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