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Scott Lively calls for worldwide antigay laws

Antigay activist Scott Lively capped off 2015 by writing a handful of open letters to fellow homophobic activists, urging them to send money and join him in promoting Russian-style antigay laws throughout America and the world.

Bragging that he’s been targeted by gay advocates because his Abiding truth Ministries is “one of the most feared and hated pro-family organizations in the world,” Lively said “we know more about the history, strategies, and tactics of their movement than just about anyone on our side.”

But since he’s facing a lawsuit stemming from his antigay activism throughout Uganda, he really needs some donations — and fast:

My friends, SMUG v Lively is truly a David v Goliath battle. I’m running a one-man office on a shoestring budget of less than $120,000 per year, provided almost entirely by donations of $50 and $100 from average people. Our donor base is small, mostly elderly, and very difficult to expand due to the success of the anti-Lively propaganda. While Liberty Counsel has been funding our legal defense, this lawsuit has nevertheless caused us major financial hardship and seriously threatens our future.

Frankly, I question whether ATM will survive the decade without greater support from the individuals scattered across the society who recognize the danger of the LGBT agenda and are willing to stand with us financially against it. That can only happen if the people who already support us encourage their like-minded friends and allies to donate to us.

Another open letter to the “international pro-family movement” finds Lively claiming that “the Leaders and Activists of the LGBT movement are malicious deceivers and evil-doers, deliberately subverting civilized society and viciously attacking all opponents to advance their selfish and self-destructive interests.”

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