Man pleads guilty to drugging hotel manager he met on Squirt, stealing keys, and robbing suites

An Edmonton man pleaded guilty this week to drugging the manager of a luxury hotel during a sexual tryst, swiping his master keys, then stealing condiments from the hotel pantry and robbing several suites.

26-year-old retired male escort Devon Ronald Cissell met the manager, whose name has not been released, on the dating site in November 2013.

The manager invited him over to his place. Once there, Cissell spiked the man’s drink with the date-rape drug GHB, knocking him out.

When he awoke, he discovered his wallet, two cell phones, a laptop, $250 cash, four rings and his 2012 Mazda were all missing.

Also stolen were his set of master keys for the hotel he managed.

This week, Cissell admitted to sneaking into the building a week later and using the master keys to break into a storage area to steal two restaurant-sized boxes of HP sauce, a popular brand of BBQ sauce.

After loading up on a lifetime supply of HP sauce, Cissell then decided that, while he was in the building, he might as well rob some of the hotel suites.

He broke into two separate rooms, including one belonging to an 80-year-old woman and another where the two occupants lay asleep in their bed.

During the heist, Cissell stole bank and credit cards, two laptops, a backpack full of college textbooks, and $11,000 worth of jewelry, including a $6,000 diamond ring.

“Their place was rifled,” Crown prosecutor Prima Davies told an Edmonton Law Court this week, adding that every cupboard and closet had been opened and things were strewn all over the rooms.

Hotel surveillance photos, along with the hotel manager positively identifying Cissell in a police photo lineup, led to his arrest.

Police also found spilled GHB at the manager’s home.

Sentencing is scheduled for January 15.

h/t: Edmonton Sun

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