‘A promiscuous homosexual will destroy the world’

‘A promiscuous homosexual will destroy the world’
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The financial markets have been a little shaky in recent weeks.

And right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson thinks it’s because of gay people — specifically, a bisexual economist from Britain who’s been dead for 70 years.

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John Maynard Keynes was a highly regarded British financial expert who helped shape modern economics as we know them today.

He’s also bisexual, which Swanson — who once threatened to smear feces all over himself if his son ever married a man –considers to be the same thing as gay.

And because of this, the pastor feels Keynes’ ideas should not be taken seriously, lest they result in the world ending.

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Speaking on his “Generations Radio” program this week, Swanson predicted that people will look back on America generations years from now and realize that the country was completely destroyed by Keynes — who died in 1946 — and the ideas thought up in his gay brain.

“It will be interesting to know that a homosexual ruined the world,” Swanson said. “Somebody will indeed write the story about this in the year 2060 or 2070, no doubt. This will be the great exposé of how the world economies came down all because of a homosexual who was promiscuous.”

But not just promiscuous, Swanson added, Keynes was “perhaps one of the most wicked, flagrantly licentious men who has lived in the modern world.”

“It makes a lot of sense,” Swanson said. “Sexual nihilism, of course, will produce sexual burnout, and that must be tied to economic burnout and epistemological burnout as well when societies lose the will to live!”

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