A PhD student is convinced gay people are using Grindr to cheat on exams

While it’s safe to assume Grindr has been used to cheat on a great number of boyfriends, one PhD student is convinced the duplicity doesn’t end there.

He’s convinced they’re using the hookup app to cheat on their exams, and he thinks it’s part of some massively shadowy anti-heterosexual conspiracy.

PhD student Amit Kumar Maurya is currently balancing his studies at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) in Mumbai with publishing conspiracy theories about gay people, Grindr, and cheating — and the latter has quickly gone viral across social media.

His theories are logically untenable, to be sure.

In his note (which he prefaces by dramatically stating that he’s risking his life by sharing this information) he makes a ton of peculiar accusations:

“Due to social stigma, gays (LGB) hide their sexual orientation from the society. Using internet and smartphones, gays are able to connect with each other. Gays use the network to help each other. The gay network is very powerful because of its invisibility, large size, and bonding among members…. Around 5-10% of MPs, MLAs, local politicians, senior bureaucrats, police officers, billionaires, and top corporate executives must be gays.”

His rant continues interminably; a labyrinthine complex of gay conspiracies leading to college admissions, cheating on exams, and “scams” that run back at least 10 years:


Maurya also mentions that he supports “gay rights but not gay wrongs.”

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