Video footage captures Christian woman accusing Katy Perry’s dad of raising a Satanic sex demon

Raw footage has surfaced featuring yet another antigay Christian extremist suffering a major meltdown.

The latest comes from a “Christian” woman who recently hunted down Katy Perry’s dad, Keith Hudson, to scold him for raising a daughter who she believes “walks with Satan” and is “leading millions of young women and young men to hell!”

“I am rebuking you because my kid is watching your kid’s videos and it’s sending him to hell!” the woman screams. “Shame on you!”

“Have you seen her video ‘E.T.?'” the woman asks, referring to a music video Perry released almost five years ago. “She’s having sex with demons on the video!”

In fact, in the video she actually makes out with an alien, which is very different from having sex with a demon. But we digress.

“I have a right to judge you!” the woman continues. “The fruit of your tree is pretty rotten! … God is angry with the wicked every day. And your daughter is wicked!

Check out the video below.

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