Spiritualist: tattoos lead to homosexuality, prostitution, and alcoholism

No word on whether deities are cool with henna tattoos. Derek de Koff

A “spiritualist” in Ghana named Mallam Ya Wadudu asserts that tattoos can cause “homosexuality and prostitution.”

Railing against “the harmful effects of foreign cultures” on Ghanaian society, he says there could be “unexpected consequences” for people who decide to get a tattoo.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said, “The snakes, lions, scorpions, frogs and other animal symbols they put on themselves all have spiritual meanings. Those who put the symbols on their bodies have to be delivered from the influence of the spirits in the symbols.”

He firmly believes tattooing such symbols onto your body will lead to demonic possession, saying, “If you go for spiritual power and you refused to honor your part of the process, the deities will not only vent their anger on you alone but the whole community as well which sometimes result in the accidents we see,” he said.

Side effects may include homosexuality, alcoholism, or prostitution.

Ghana still has extremely strict anti-gay laws. In fact, having gay sex in Ghana can get you thrown in jail for three years.

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