Ohio city passes ban on LGBT conversion therapy

Cincinnati city councilman Chris Seelbach Al Behrman, AP

CINCINNATI — An Ohio city’s council has passed a ban on therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of minors.

Cincinnati council members voted 7-2 Wednesday to outlaw the practice known as “conversion therapy.” The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that nearly two dozen pastors and other people packed in to council chambers to unsuccessfully oppose the move.

But council voted to prohibit therapy by health professionals designed to change sexual orientation or gender identity, imposing a $200-a-day fine on violators.

There are laws against the practice in California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois and Washington, D.C. The American Psychological Association and other health organizations say conversion therapy doesn’t work and can increase suicide risks.

Councilman Chris Seelbach referred to the suicide nearly one year ago of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn of suburban Cincinnati.

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