Who should be LGBTQ Nation’s ‘Newsmaker of the Year’?

tim-cook-apple-146Apple, if you haven’t heard, is the world’s most valuable brand, according to Forbes. Right there at the top of the pyramid is Tim Cook, who says he decided to come out because “kids are getting bullied in school, kids were getting discriminated against, kids were even being disclaimed by their own parents. I needed to do something.”

He’s even put his own company where is mouth is: Apple played a key role killing antigay bills in Arizona and Indiana.

With big business controlling the purse strings of the Republican Party, the road to consensus on equality may lie in part in corporate America, as distasteful as that may sound.

The Apple CEO may not of been out of the professional closet for very long but he’s definitely made his mark in the civil rights arena. Under Cook’s leadership, the technology giant joined the fight for rights in Indiana and Arkansas as the company decried so-called religious freedom laws and advocated for marriage equality in front of the Supreme Court.

Cook’s sexual orientation was an “open secret” until recently but the CEO managed to turn his coming out into another way for America’s favorite computer company to bring people together.

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