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Groundbreakings trans director Silas Howard explains why ‘Transparent’ is so important

“I felt like in narrative Hollywood film, there’s an unspoken rule that if you’re not a heteronormative, blah blah blah, middle class cis-gendered, then you’re not interesting unless you’re explaining your otherness. And then, it’s got to be about the tragedy of transition. It’s got to be about the transition, of being an outsider at some level.

I’m not saying those narratives need to go away, it’s just that, we want to have other narratives that are not about explaining your otherness. We need all the stories. Because of shows like Transparent, people are seeing that we have other things to talk about, that we fit into a larger structure.”

— Gifted director Silas Howard, who made the evocative short Golden Age of Hustlers and is now helming the hit series Transparent, in an interview with Vanity Fair

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