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Why would CBS steal the name and branding of this 40-year-old gay newspaper?

“We firmly believe that use of OUT FRONT‘s brand with OMI’s intolerant advertisers will cause us significant damages to our reputation,” Cunningham says. “With the upcoming election, we’re expecting to see supporters of religious freedom pulling out all of the stops in getting their message out there.”

He’s well aware that he’s fighting an uphill battle.

“It’s my belief that OMI wants us to know they have the power to destroy us,” Cunningham says, “and they will use that power if we don’t buckle to their wishes. OMI’s recent frontal attack to our brand demonstrates the company doesn’t care a whit about the damage it’s causing and the confusion it’s creating with the public. It’ll continue like a juggernaut to destroy our business unless it’s stopped.”

He feels his situation is symptomatic of a deeper problem.

“I believe that it has become too commonplace for big corporations to feel they are entitled to just do whatever they want,” he says. “At what point do we say enough is enough?”

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