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Lebanese man threatened by Islamophobe on Grindr: ‘I’ll kick your a** back to Iraq’

Lebanese man threatened by Islamophobe on Grindr: ‘I’ll kick your a** back to Iraq’

Smart a–.

Isis mother f—er.

Sand n—er.

These are just a few of the insults hurled at Anthony Magallanaz of Phoenix, AZ when posted lyrics to one of his favorite pop songs on his Grindr profile shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Arabic lyrics translate to “I loved you in the winter.” They come from the song Al Thaniah by Lebanese singer Fairouz.


“At first I thought it as a joke, but one in bad taste,” 22-year-old Magallanez told Gay Star News in an interview, “so I asked for clarification and it became clear to me that he only wanted to be hateful, so that’s when I stopped taking him seriously.”

He continued: “At the same time, I tried to be lighthearted with him and show that, ‘Yeah, I’m Muslim, but am I the one being aggressive here?'”

Magallanez tried to let the comments roll off his back, but he admitted he’s growing more uneasy about the increase in Islamophobia he’s been noticing, especially after the tragedy in Paris.

“I’m scared for the Muslims in Europe as well as those here in the United States,” he said, “and most of all those in the Middle East, who are the most direct and immediate victims of groups like Da’esh and al-Qa’eda.”

“There have already been attacks in Baghdad and Beirut and I fear there will be strong action on Da’esh’s part and equally strong reaction against innocent people on the part of bigots here in the U.S. and Europe.”

Read Magallanez’s exchange with the anonymous bigot below…



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