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Kevin Swanson: The gay community is ‘the catalyst by which nations are destroyed’

Religious Right radio host Kevin Swanson was unsurprisingly displeased to hear that a lesbian has been elected mayor of Salt Lake City.

On Friday, he told listeners this is a clear sign that the end of America is close at hand.

After calling Mormonism a “sham religious,” Swanson claims the Salt Lake City mayoral election demonstrates that homosexuality is “the tip of the iceberg,” while sins like porn addiction and child molestation “hide under the water.”

“Sure enough,” he said, “the bastion of conservativism is ultimately the place at which the future of this nation is being eroded in the most fundamental sense.”

Swanson later set his sights on an LGBT conference sponsored by The Economist, voicing his consternation with a magazine that he feels is desperate “to be that edgy, progressive organization that promotes the homosexuality in the business world and the very thing that will destroy nations. People don’t believe that, that homosexuality will be the catalyst by which nations are destroyed, because they don’t believe that God exists and they don’t believe God is judge and they don’t believe that God has the right to determine right and wrong, good and evil as he does in the word of God.”

Listen to his speech below:

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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