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Gay man’s accused killer is caught and arrested in Indiana

Gay man’s accused killer is caught and arrested in Indiana

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — A man has been charged with the murder of a gay man who was found inside a burned pick-up truck, and his family says that the alleged culprit is an acquaintance.

According to friends, 28-year-old Marc Pourner was exceedingly proud to be gay. Outspoken and opinionated, friends say his confidence inspired them to be themselves.

“Since day one,” said friend Patrick Sargent, “that’s all we did was laugh.”

“My son was so generous,” Mark Pourner said. “He was a loving, trusting kid, and unfortunatelym in this day and age, that can get you taken advantage of. I’m afraid that’s what eventually happened to him.”

Within 24 hours, detectives named a suspect and charged David James Brown with capital murder.

Court records reveal the 22-year-old had previously served prison time for burglary and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Authorities in Lafayette, Ind., caught him on the run.

“My wife and I hugged and clapped and cheered,” Mark Pourner said. “We cannot wait to see this gentleman go on trial. It’s our ultimate hope to attend his execution in Huntsville at the earliest possible time.”

Detectives are unwilling to publicly discuss the movie, but they shared details with Mark Pourner.

The family’s plan is to establish a scholarship in Marc’s name in order to help LGBTQ teens.

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