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A gay dad sounds off on the “purity” parents who want to keep LGBT info out of sex ed

You abused LGBT kids. You traumatized them and demoralized them. If you’d had your way, that bullying would have led to self-harm or other unhealthy behavior. To say you were irresponsible is an understatement.

However, that damage is comparatively minor to the other children you harmed. Those harmed kids are your own.

You’re leading many of those kids down a path of ignorance and determination, urging them to batter people that they don’t understand. You’re committing them to a lifetime of ignorance.

The unluckiest ones are your own LGBT kids. The ones you don’t know are LGBT yet. Statistically speaking, there are likely about 21 children who will later identify as gay or lesbian. Several hundred will identify as something other than straight. All of them will suffer from your hatred.

There will come a day when you wonder where a destructive act, a series of depressions, a suicide comes from. I’ll tell you now: It came from you and your attitude on this night, and presumably every night.

This isn’t pure and it isn’t love. There would be nothing worse for me than cradling my dead child. Your action implies that your “nothing worse” would be allowing yourself to question your archaic thought system.

I am not here to criticize Deanna Rabuck, who screamed about her desire to keep her daughters innocent. She later stated, “As we grow, we have things that we are capable of processing and things that we aren’t capable of processing… and protecting the innocence is protecting the things that we aren’t able to process.”

I agree. I’m a dad with two incredible boys who are twelve and thirteen. I fight to keep them innocent. They are innocent. I teach them new things at their appropriate ages.

I adopted them from foster care after their birth parents almost killed them through their drug-addled existence. Those facts haven’t taken the innocence away from my sons.

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