A gay dad sounds off on the Kansas teacher who’s getting fired for fighting homophobia

Now Leahy has been removed from the classroom, and awaits a school board meeting on November 9th, where he is being asked to offer his resignation.

They’re expected to take it.

Here’s my letter to him, and to the board:

Dear Mr. Leahy and members of the Conway Springs School Board,

Mr. Leahy, you must not resign.

Dear board members, you must not allow him to do so.

Whatever problem you think you’re fixing, this action is minuscule compared to the problem you’re creating.

You are letting the bullies win.

No, I don’t think the parents who want to approve graphic material before it’s shown to their kids are bullies. They’re due an apology, and a promise that you’ll never do such a thing again.

They aren’t the bullies Mr. Leahy was fighting, either.

He was going up against the principles of judgment, intolerance, ostracism and degradation.

He was addressing a disease that is evidenced in your population of kids.

While his choices weren’t very well thought out, the harm he’s trying to prevent is a much higher priority. Or should be, anyway.

I’m the gay dad of two seventh graders. The colony exercise that took place — in which a mob had declared they would reject their dad from the world — would have devastated and shamed them.