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Vatican braces for new revelations of “mismanagement” and abuse

In a press release Thursday, Nuzzi publisher Chiarelettere said the documents and recordings of internal discussions would reveal the real reasons why Benedict resigned, while also examining the funding required to get a saint named, of misdirected charitable donations and the “black hole” of the Vatican’s pension system.

Benedict became the first pope in 600 years to retire, saying he simply didn’t have the strength to carry on. The announcement in February 2013 was at least a year in the making, but Benedict acted after receiving the results of an in-house investigation about what was behind the leaks.

The results of the investigation have never been released, but in their first meeting, Benedict handed over the dossier to Francis.

Feltrinelli said Fittipaldi’s book would map out the church’s financial empire, from the luxurious lives of the cardinals to the big businesses of Catholic-run hospitals in Italy.

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