Laverne Cox will play Frank-N-Furter In ‘Rocky Horror’ remake

Curry’s larger-than-life performance made the role both ridiculous and magnificent, and giving Frank-n-Furter a new identity is the first step on the path to disaster. It could be argued that Curry and Rocky Horror are inseparable; without Curry in that role raising hell and causing a ruckus, the entire thing would have simply been a boring, forgettable flop. (Side note: Curry, who has enjoyed one of Hollywood’s greatest runs as a character actor with parts such as Rooster in Annie (1982), The Lord of Darkness in Legend (1985), Pennywise the Clown in It (1990) and Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island (1996), suffered a debilitating stroke in 2013.)

The other roles — ingenue Janet, bumbling Brad, creepy Magenta and Columbia and Riff Raff — will be easier to cast. For instance, Kristen Bell may decide to stop counting her Frozen money and play Janet, in a return to the world of camp musical theater, as she was ever-so-amazing in the TV adaptation of the must-see Reefer Madness.

Even though Cox is a dynamic, powerful actor, she will have to rise to a new level of theatricality if she has any chance of being entertaining. Cox has turned in some great scenes in Orange Is The New Black, but when called upon to expand her acting range, such as in her small role for the 2015 film Grandma, she was…okay. She looked gorgeous, but she just said her lines and smiled and she was fine. Dr. Frank-N-Furter needs a lot more than “fine” and “okay.”

There is also the issue of the singing. Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical. Can Cox sing?

Presenting Exhibit A, which is hopefully not indicative of things to come (at least she’s better than Serena Williams):



h/t: Queerty

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