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Judge repeatedly refers to transgender student’s “mental disorder”

The attorneys wrote that the American Psychiatric Association says gender dysphoria should not described as a disorder “because that terminology improperly stigmatizes transgender people,” yet Doumar persisted in using the term. That “gratuitous labeling … does not reflect the sensitivity or care the public should expect from courts addressing these issues,” the lawyers said.

Grimm’s attorneys also said Doumar “berated’ them at a hearing for filing the lawsuit under Grimm’s full name. He ordered them to refile the lawsuit using only the teenager’s initials.

At the hearing, Doumar said: “I’m having a huge problem with everybody knowing that he desires to be a male and, in fact, his attorney advertising that to the world.”

Attorneys for the school officials named as defendants in the lawsuit have until Nov. 23 to file a response. In previous court papers, they argued that the policy is not discriminatory and that it reflects the school board’s “responsibility to its students to ensure their privacy while engaging in personal bathroom functions.”

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