A gay dad sounds off on the day Mike Huckabee waged war on a bag of potato chips

Huckabee has publicly addressed you and attempted to integrate your campaign with Dan Savage’s attack on him, even though the two events have nothing to do with one another.

When Dan Savage came up with the idea for the “It Gets Better” project, it was to save his life. That project and his editorials are totally unrelated to each other.

The fact that Huckabee doesn’t understand the Savage piece is ultimately irrelevant to your efforts. Huckabee totally missed Savage’s intent. It’s inarguable that Savage has an in-your-face, X-rated style. He sought to show that homophobic oppression is as vile and disgusting to families like mine as descriptive sexual concepts are to people like Huckabee.

However, there’s a big difference between what Huckabee and Savage are doing. Huckabee may be shocked at Savage’s tone and verbiage, but what’s worse? Huckabee’s parents won’t ever come home and find that he’s slashed his wrists. Huckabee’s loved ones will never find a note that says he woke up early that morning and walked in front of a train.

Huckabee’s victims have done those things, and the It Gets Better Project aims to provide them help.

So thank you for your small campaign. I’m confident that the stir it made in progressive circles will help drive up sales. The backlash you’re enduring right now will soon die down. As the homophobes write out their protests on Apple devices and post them to Facebook, they’ll soon realize that these companies have been even more progressive to the LGBT community than even Frito Lay.

While this note is a “thank you” letter, it’s also a letter of request.

Eat your own chips. More specifically, take your own campaign slogan to heart. You encourage whoever purchased your limited edition, rainbow-hued chips to be BOLD.