Vatican confirms meeting with Pope Francis and Kim Davis took place

Davis, who has been divorced three times, said she was saved from sin four years ago while attending church at her dying mother-in-law’s request, and has been a devout Christian ever since. She said she could never reconcile issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples with her faith, but meanwhile has refused to resign.

She was released from jail with strict instructions from the judge not to interfere with her deputies, but then altered the marriage license to remove her name and county, replacing it with the phrase, “pursuant to federal court order.”

Attorneys for the couples who sued her questioned the validity of the licenses, and asked the judge to order her to reissue them or consider punishing her again. That request is pending.

“He told me before he left, he said ‘stay strong,” Davis told ABC. “I’ve weighed the cost, and I’m prepared to do whatever it takes.”

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