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Miss Mississippi has no patience for Kim Davis’ antigay rhetoric

Miss Mississippi has no patience for Kim Davis’ antigay rhetoric
Hannah Roberts
Hannah Roberts

Hannah Roberts, aka Miss Mississippi, is a biochemistry graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi, and she recently lit up social media after throwing a bit of Southern-style shade at Rowan County clerk Kim Davis during Sunday’s Miss America contest.

“Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was jailed for defying the Supreme Court’s order to issue same-sex marriage licenses. She claims the order violates her religious freedom. Does it?” the judge asked.

Though she had 20 seconds to answer the question, Roberts only needed half the time. Without missing a beat, she smiled and said: “It absolutely does not violate her religious freedom. That is her job that she was voted into doing, and that law is a federal law throughout the rest of the country. So, yes, she did violate the law there. Thank you.”

Afterwards, Roberts was met with thunderous applause from the auditorium. Some folks on social media, however, weren’t so supportive of the response.

“Renowned theologian Miss Mississippi says Kim Davis violated federal law,” Fox News contributor Todd Starnes tweeted.

“She lost it with her Kim Davis answer,” another person tweeted.

Roberts may not have been crowned Miss America last night, but she certainly won in our book.

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