In a time of progress, dramatizing a gay rights landmark

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“When I pitch, I still, if there’s a gay main character, I have to justify that,” says Nyswaner, who also penned the 2003 transgender drama “Soldier’s Girl” for Showtime. “The question will be: Why is he gay? And I have to have a good answer. No one ever says, ‘Are they straight and if they are why?’ If he’s gay, it must be because the subject of the story is about being gay.”

For the filmmakers and cast, “Freeheld” may be a signpost in a movement, on screen and off. But it’s ultimately about honoring Andree and Hester.

“The whole of this life, you see her spending her life fighting for justice for everybody else,” Moore says of her character. “And at the end, all she cared about was justice for the woman she loved.”

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