Huckabee: Gays meeting the Pope are like alcoholics at an open bar

Mike Huckabee AP

Mike HuckabeeAP Photo/Danny Johnston, File

Mike Huckabee

“Megyn, if I were hosting a group of Alcoholics Anonymous, I wouldn’t set up an open bar. Bring the best and the most faithful Catholics you can… I’m not sure that inviting people who are openly at odds with the Vatican, who have criticized the Pope for his positions and the Church’s positions, the doctrinal positions on abortion and euthanasia, why do you put them in the very likely position where they would be photographed with him and make it a very embarrassing moment.”

— Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee during an interview withFox News’ Megyn Kelly Monday night in reference to the openly gay Catholics and LGBT activists invited to attend Pope Francis’ visit to the White House.

Watch Huckabee’s interview below:

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