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Here’s ten of LGBTQ Nation’s most-read posts

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Straight men everywhere are making out with each other to spite Kim Davis

Yes, we know: You’ve had it with Kim Davis and Kim Davis coverage, but this detail of the story was pretty special. Our audience couldn’t get enough of the #KissesForKim campaign, which found heterosexual men all over the world making out with their buddies and posting pictures on social media; a clever (and sexy) way to show solidarity with all things LGBTQ, and to show Kim Davis that love is the answer. “Man that’s so freaking hot!” cried one commentator . “Anything that promotes love over hate is the way to go,” replied another.


Gay couple assaulted by a homophobic thug leave him “covered in his own blood”

When a same-sex married couple fought back against a man who struck at them while slinging homophobic slurs, the Internet exploded. Many hailed Daniel Lennox-Choate and Larry Lennox-Choate as heroes, while others felt it sent the wrong message to be celebrating violence of any sort, whether or not it was self-defense. “I’m not a fan of violence,” said one commentator, “but they were obviously in the right.” Another chimed in: “I’m very troubled by the overwhelming relishing of the violence described by those commenting.”

“Self defense is not violence,” sniffed another.

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