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Frat boys allegedly attack gay man, strip him naked, in possible hate crime

Student Body President Matt Kopp said in a statement that such incidents do not reflect the values of the school’s fraternities and sororities.

“It is imperative that we create a safe environment for all within our campus community,” Kopp said.

Zuniga said Lambda Chi Alpha is an inclusive organization that welcomes young men of any ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or nationality. He said the fraternity takes pride and celebrates diversity with a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination or intolerance of members or guests.

Zuniga said neither the UND chapter nor the fraternity’s headquarters will comment further until the investigation is completed.

Gisvold said he doesn’t know whether the men he said attacked him are members of the fraternity, but he doesn’t want anyone kicked out of school or the fraternity shut down.

“I just want those guys to learn from this,” Gisvold said. “They could go to jail, sure, but they could go to jail and then come out with the same mindset that they don’t like homosexuals.”

He said he’d rather they see how such things affect people. “It really does affect the homosexual community,” he said, “because it scares people from going out in the street and being able to be themselves 100 percent.”

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