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Christian couple warns gay waiter he’ll burn in hell, tips 20 percent

Here’s the advice a gay server has for a couple who recently wrote “straight” on their receipt and left along a bit of fire and brimstone Christian literature: Don’t.

Britton Weaver of Boise, Idaho recently served a middle-aged couple lunch, and remembers them as pleasant and respectful.

That is, until the bill came.

“They signed their receipt not as their first or last name; they signed it as Straight,” said Weaver.

The pamphlet titled What you miss by being a Christian with headline “HELL!” made their intention clear.

“I got a little offended. I got a little angered by it,” said Weaver.

Maybe the 21% tip helped soften the unsolicited “you’ll burn for eternity if you don’t address your perversion” message.


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