Azealia Banks caught on camera calling flight attendant a “f***ing f***ot”

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Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks let her temper get the better of her during a recent Delta flight from New York to LAX, getting into a game of luggage tug-of-war with a flight attendant, ultimately calling him a “f*****g f****t.”

Banks is no stranger to using the word, and has previously asserted that, “You can be a straight f****t, you can be a gay f****t. A f****t is anybody that hates women,” after using the word to describe blogger Perez Hilton.

TMZ reports that the scuffle started after the plane landed around 1 a.m., when Azealia tried to deboard before everyone else.

She tried to squeeze past a French couple in front of her, and the man put his arm out to stop her.

Then she reportedly spat in the man’s face, punched him and clawed at his shirt.

At that point a flight attendant held onto her bag and told her to calm down. That’s where the below video begins.

Azealia claims the French man actually hit her in the face. She adds, “I don’t tolerate bitchassness, and I don’t tolerate men putting their hands on me.”

The couple declined to file a police report.

Watch below:

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