A gay dad sounds off on “pseudo-Christian” martyr Kim Davis

Mr. and Ms. Davis will do what they will. Even though the Bible doesn’t address same-sex marriage, and Jesus only comments on the issue of divorce, Kim Davis nevertheless makes this claim: “I never imagined a day like this would come, where I would be asked to violate a central teaching of Scripture and of Jesus Himself regarding marriage. “

So, they, like a few others before them, will fall mightily on their sword, even though it’s only made of paper.

I decided to write a letter.

Dear American Christian Nation,

Before I start, let me clarify. I’m not addressing every American. I’m not even addressing the vast majority of Christians, either. I’m addressing the people who see no separation between church and state. I’m addressing those who can’t see us as a nation — only a Christian nation.

“The chosen.”

The only common requirement? Be extremely homophobic and seek the expulsion of LGBT people from anything that resembles a decent, responsible life.

First we had the baker, the florist, and the pizza maker. The pizza maker’s martyrdom didn’t last long. There was no real situation to address. They’d insulted non-existent people for a non-existent event. And they almost became instant millionaires; pretty much a disqualification for the martyrdom.

The bakers faced a similar conundrum. They thought they had the martyr’s burden of a $135,000 judgment against them… but then they received four times that amount in fundraising efforts. As riches poured into their anti-gay coffers, they raised up their hands. In their best Marie Antoinette impersonations, they cried, “Let them eat cake!” And then they sent out confections to all the people whose weddings they refused to bake for.

If you can’t figure out when to bake and when not to bake — and you’ve earned a big payoff to boot — you’re not a martyr.

The florist’s quest for martyrdom wilted for lack of damage. She claimed loss of a vocation, home and all that she held dear. The truth was she onl6 received a $2,000 fine and some finger-wagging.

Those who don’t get severely punished aren’t really martyrs. They’re drama queens.

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