The night Transparent’s Jeffrey Tambor met Caitlyn Jenner

The night Transparent’s Jeffrey Tambor met Caitlyn Jenner
Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent
Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent Amazon

“A group of us from the cast had dinner with [Caitlyn Jenner] and she’s amazing and gorgeous and very dedicated. … And, you know, the bottom line about all of this is: this is serious business. It’s about safety and lives are at stake. So she was very beautiful about it, and she’s very well intentioned and I was very impressed. And it’s odd… I’m a cis-gender male and I’ve been honored with the privilege of playing this role so I’m humbled when I meet Caitlyn and talk with her. She was fabulous. And she’s really, really well-versed and she’s committed.”

— Jeffrey Tambor appearing on Wednesday’s The Late Late Show, discussing his first encounter with Caitlyn Jenner

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