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Gay man writes his family to tell them he’s engaged; receives hateful reply from dad

“So that’s it then. I couldn’t believe the hatred that was being directed toward me.” B.G. posted on Reddit. “I’m done trying to be nice to them. I don’t care any more. I get to marry and spend the rest of my life with the man I love, and that “marriage” will be just as real as his “marriage” is now.

“I don’t need my parents or my last name. It’s amazing, I don’t really feel sad about this. It feels more like a heavy burden has been lifted off of me, and I can move on now. My blood family doesn’t have to support me, because the family of friends I have gained after coming out is bigger, better, and loves me for who I am no matter what.

“My wedding is going to be a party filled with people who love and support me, and I can’t wait to celebrate starting a new family with the man I love.”

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