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Dr. Steve Hotze wages war on “homofascists”

Dr. Steven Hotze
Dr. Steven Hotze. AP Photo/Cliff Owen

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that The Conservative Republicans of Texas kicked off a multi-city tour on Thursday in the hopes of driving gays back into the closet.

The Texas Observer claims the entire session went down in a “nearly half-empty hotel ballroom in Houston.”

U.S House majority leader Tom DeLay, a featured speaker, revealed that he thinks marriage equality could be overruled if people want it badly enough. Meanwhile, a “reparative theapy” specialist sternly insisted that gay people wan to ban the “science” of conversion therapy, and right-wing radio talk show host Terry Lowry went so far as to say “Satan and his demons are seducing the people of Houston.”

According to The Texas Observer:

Steve Hotze, leader of the Conservative Republicans of Texas, has been an important and influential figure in the Texas conservative movement for years. Republican candidates seek his endorsement and money while the grassroots look to him as a forceful leader…

“Just like there was a communist manifesto, there’s a homosexual manifesto,” Hotze informed the audience Thursday. “The hackles will stand up on the back of your neck when you see what they have planned.”

The New Civil Rights Movement notes that this “Gay Manifesto” is a 1987 satirical essay by Michael Swift, which imagines a world where gay men rule over straight people. Copies of the “manifesto” were handed to audience members, but the first line — which brands the manifesto a “cruel fantasy” — was missing.

Dr. Hotze warned:

“The gays wouldn’t stop until every man and boy has been sodomized… Our strongest weapon in the fight is the word of God. The word of God is like any two-edged sword. For thousands of years, men fought with swords. Can you imagine that piercing right through the enemy like this? That’s what the word of God does. I’ve decided I’m not going to fight the homosexuals with sweet words. I’m going to fight them with God’s word…. What you just saw in the homosexual manifesto underscores the evil nature of this battle. It’s a spiritual battle, OK? It’s against the world forces of darkness and the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. You have to put on the full armor of God.”

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