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Cindy Jacobs: Gay marriage will lead to the next “Civil War”

Cindy Jacobs: Gay marriage will lead to the next “Civil War”
Cindy Jacobs
Cindy Jacobs

Right Wing Watch reports that self-professed “respected prophet” Cindy Jacobs released a “mid-year prophetic update” yesterday, in which God told her what to expect in the coming years now that gay marriage is legal nationwide.

She reported that “sheep states” that follow God’s word will be blessed, while “goat states” will see “drought and disaster… which is why places like Texas and Oklahoma received record rainfall (and widespread flooding) earlier this year.”

She predicts that America will face a “conservative revolt,” a prophecy she insists came to fellow “prophet” James Goll in a dream.

“The word that I issued,” Jacobs claimed, “was that there would come a time when states would threaten to secede from the union” due to the persecution of Christians and attacks on religious freedom. She claims all these predictions are supported by Goll’s dream, in which soldiers engaged in another Civil War between “sheep states” and “goat states.”

“It’s not anything we’re saying,” Jacobs said. “It’s just all through the Word of God.”

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