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AG Paxton no longer facing contempt hearing over gay rights

Paxton spokesman Cynthia Meyer said a contempt hearing had been canceled while state health officials finalize guidelines. In an order, Garcia said Paxton’s office told him the state is “working diligently to finalize policies that should prevent the recurrence of these issues in the future.”

But before that, Lane had taken a far harsher tone after Paxton said he shouldn’t have to appear for a contempt hearing, writing in a court filing that Paxton had “gone out of his way” to undermine the Supreme Court’s decision.

Critics have accused the Paxton, a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, of resisting the landmark ruling by advising county clerks in Texas that they could refuse marriage licenses to gay couples on religious grounds.

Chris Van Deusen, a state health department spokesman, said the agency will work as quickly as possible to implement the new policy.

Paxton’s attorney says the attorney general will plead not guilty to first-degree charges of defrauding investors. Paxton’s first court appearance is scheduled for later this month in Fort Worth.

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