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N.C. Senate votes to override McCrory marriage veto; House to vote next

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But bill supporters have dismissed that argument, saying everyone will be treated the same in all 100 counties.

“If a same-sex couple wants to get married in North Carolina they will have the opportunity to get married in North Carolina,” Berger said. One Democrat voted to override the veto. Three Republicans voted no.

Berger introduced the bill when several magistrates resigned shortly after same-sex marriages were authorized last October. The state’s top court administrator said at the time magistrates who declined to officiate for same-sex couples could be punished, terminated or face potential criminal charges.

Utah is the only state that’s approved a similar exemption, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Utah’s governor signed that bill.

The fight over the bill’s outcome continued Monday among special interest advocates, with Equality North Carolina encouraging followers on Twitter to urge lawmakers to keep McCrory’s veto in place.

“We look to the North Carolina House to do the right thing and stand by his decision,” Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro said in a release. Concerned Women for America, which supports the bill, had strong words for the governor Monday, saying court officials should be allowed to express their beliefs without fear of discrimination or persecution.

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McCrory “Betrays His Constituents – Forces North Carolinians to Violate their Consciences,” the headline in the group’s release said.

McCrory vetoed another bill late last week that would let an employer sue and get monetary damages from someone who gains access to non-public areas of a company without authority and commits theft or sets up a camera or audio recorder. House leaders set up the initial override vote for this bill in their chamber for Wednesday.

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