Two moms, 10 kids: blending family in a same-sex marriage

Amy Thorpe, Melynda Thorpe,
Amy Thorpe, Melynda Thorpe,

VIA: The St. George News

ST. GEORGE, Utah – In a changing world, the face of motherhood has also changed for two St. George women.

Between them, Melynda and Amy Thorpe have 10 children from previous marriages – Melynda Thorpe has two sons, and Amy Thorpe has three sons and five daughters. Amy Thorpe is a teacher, and Melynda Thorpe is a small-business owner. The two women were married last year.

“As much as it’s abnormal, it’s normal,” Melynda Thorpe said. “We do homework. We make dinner. Amy reads to the girls to help them fall asleep.”

The Thorpes have a nontraditional family structure, but they say their home has the most important elements that a good home needs: Their children know they are loved and safe; they know they can talk to their moms about anything; and they see an example of two parents who work hard and respect each other.

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