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Indiana GOP rejects extending civil rights protections to LGBT residents

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Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, said he didn’t think an amendment to the state budget bill with only a couple weeks left in the legislative session was the correct way to address the topic.

“I do hope that we have a chance to maybe work it out, but I’d ask not to do it in this amendment to this bill,” Kenley told senators.

The measure proposed in the House called for adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the nondiscrimination sections of numerous state laws, including the Indiana civil rights law covering education, employment, public accommodations and housing.

Republican leaders say there isn’t enough time left in the legislative session to tackle such a policy change. The House didn’t actually vote on the proposal as GOP members provided the 66-24 margin to uphold a ruling from House Speaker Brian Bosma that it meet House rules for consideration.

The Indiana Economic Development Corp. announced Monday it had hired the Porter Novelli public relations firm to help repair the damage to the state’s reputation from the specter that the religious objections law condoned discrimination against gays and others.

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Democratic Rep. Matt Pierce of Bloomington said he believed the House should’ve taken the opportunity to make it clear that Indiana doesn’t accept discrimination.

“It will help our IEDC people with their new public relations campaign because we might have something of substance to tell rest of the nation and the world,” Pierce said.

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