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Missouri Presbyterian Churches receive threats following same-sex marriage announcement

First Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau, Mo.
First Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — At least four southeast Missouri Presbyterian churches have received letters threatening to burn their buildings to the ground following the Presbyterian Church USA’s decision last week to amend its constitution to perform same-sex marriages.

Pastors at Westminster Presbyterian Church, as well as First Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau, Jackson, and Perryville said they received a notice in the mail warning them that their church could be burned, reports KFVS.

The letter sent to First Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau cites a Bible passage from Leviticus that suggests marriage should be between a woman and a man.

“Any church that accepts this action, should be burned to the ground… The above statement could happen to any church that performs this action… You have been warned churches,” the letter states.

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Westminster Presbyterian Church pastor Karen Dumey said the threat is a concern because it appears that someone is angry enough that they want to use violence against the church.

Cpl. Darin Hickey of the Cape Girardeau say they are taking the threats seriously.

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