Tylenol puts modern spin on Norman Rockwell’s classic holiday painting

To celebrate the holidays this year, the makers of Tylenol have put a modern spin on Norman Rockwell’s classic holiday painting “Freedom From Want,” to help illustrate how modern families come together to celebrate what matters most during the holidays.

The videos in the “What Matters Most” campaign are narrated by Rockwell’s granddaughter, Abigail Rockwell.

One of the campaign’s story is of the Beser Carr Schneider Musich Family — two moms raising three sons, two of which are from a previous marriage to a man.

“We’re not a broken family, or a fixed family. We’re a super-family. Learning and benefiting from each parent and child. We spend every birthday, vacation and holiday together, always gathering in one place. What matters most to us is that we all know that we’re here for each other, to strengthen each other and help one another.”

“Norman Rockwell painted America’s story for 60-plus years,” says Abigail Rockwell. “Our definition of family is now expanding and blossoming, so it’s not this rigid, fixed picture of what the family is.”

“Family is what you make it out to be,” she says.


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