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UPDATE: Gay Republican Carl DeMaio loses lead in U.S. House race

UPDATE: Gay Republican Carl DeMaio loses lead in U.S. House race

Update: 9:00 p.m. PST

An updated tally Thursday evening puts U.S. Rep. Scott Peters ahead of challenger Carl DeMaio by 861 votes, reports KNSD-TV. Another round of updated numbers is expected Friday afternoon as more provisional and mail-in ballots are counted.

SAN DIEGO — The hotly contested race for California’s 52nd District Congressional seat in the U.S. House between U.S Rep. Scott Peters and gay Republican challenger Carl DeMaio remains a toss-up.

Carl DeMaio
Carl DeMaio

As of Thursday morning, DeMaio held a slim 752-vote lead over the Democratic incumbent, but the San Diego County Registrar says there were 36,000 mail-in ballots and 10,000 provision ballots that must still be counted. A final outcome could still be days away.

On Thursday, the counting starts and both candidates say they are sending representatives to make sure each vote is counted correctly.

The Registrar is expected to release more numbers Thursday evening, and a final winner should be announced Monday.

LGBT Weekly reports that given the last scandal ridden weeks of the DeMaio campaign, political operatives believe that the late mail-in and provisional vote will cut Peters way. The question is will it be substantial enough to eliminate the razor thin lead of DeMaio.

In the weeks leading up to Tuesday elections, DeMaio has been accused of sexually harassing two men, both former campaign staffers.

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