Texas AG opposes same-sex marriage because he’s been married 33 years

Attorney General Greg Abbott (R-Texas) Staff Reports

Attorney General Greg Abbott (R-Texas)

Attorney General Greg Abbott (R-Texas)

DALLAS — Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says he opposes same-sex marriage because he’s been married to his wife for more than 33 years.

Abbott, who is leading the fight against a federal court ruling that struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban, made the remarks during Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate against Democrat Wendy Davis in Dallas.

Lone Star Q reports that Abbot was responding to a question submitted via Twiiter by “John from Fort Worth,” who asked, “If a 10-year-old girl asked you whether her two dads should be allowed to get married, what would you tell her?”

Abbott replied:

“I believe in traditional marriage. That’s what 75 percent of Texans agreed with less than a decade ago when they passed a constitutional amendment in the state of Texas saying that marriage in Texas is a union between one man and one woman. Now, for me personally, this is more than a constitutional amendment. I’ve been married to my wife Cecilla for more than 33 years now.”

Abbott then stopped speaking, prompting a moderator to ask, “Is that what you would tell the 10-year-old?”

“That’s what I just told John,” Abbott said, smirking before the cameras.

Prior to Abbott’s response, Davis reaffirmed her support for marriage equality.

Watch the debate and the candidates’ responses on marriage equality at Lone Star Q.

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