Coming Out – Yes, it still does matter


There are those who will say it’s easier to come out now then it was in the 1960’s. In the ways of the world, maybe it is. But, in the dynamics of families, there is still pain, hurt, rejection and intolerance that one must suffer.

I could tell you “it gets better” but the truth is, sometimes it doesn’t get better. Sometimes families just disappear, or worse, they stick around and make sure you know what a disappointment and embarrassment you are.

What I can tell you from experience is this: Family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Your life won’t end if you don’t have hateful, judgmental people in your life. You will surround yourself with people who will love you for who you are — people who will encourage you to grow and be and live the life that is yours to live.

These people will become your strength – your support – your family.

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There is nothing in my life I’m more proud of then that moment, under the 600′ flag at my first gay pride parade, when I knew I could no longer live a lie — 50 years was long enough.

I was more than ready to face whatever the world could throw at me. With tears streaming down my face and a smile so big it hurt my face… finally, finally I was free.

I’ve discovered that along with my freedom has come responsibility. To help, to guide, to listen, to advocate, to write so that others know and understand they are never alone. We are all responsible for one another.

On this day – this “Coming Out “day – if you’re ready, your “family” is waiting for you.

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Today is National Coming Out Day

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