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Participating in Dyke March as a child gives lesbian confidence later in life


Do you remember your first Pride event? Kayleigh certainly does, along with the impact that participating in Dyke March with her family had on her life.

Young Kayleigh took a trip to San Francisco with her extended family. Kayleigh describes this particular trip:

It happened to be Pride in San Francisco. We found ourselves in the route of Dyke March — all these dykes behind us, walking down the streets in this massive crowd. Someone decided that we were going to march, and my sister and I hopped on my uncle’s shoulders and a friend of his, who is now his wife.

he Salstrand family quickly became absorbed in the atmosphere and the energy of the March, and “at some point my sister and I start chanting, ‘We are lesbians! We are lesbians! We are lesbians!'”

This experience proved to be eye-opening and valuable for young Kayleigh. Not only did she witness members of the LGBTQ community openly and proudly expressing the queer side of who they are, but she got the chance to interact with LGBTQ adults, after only being exposed to straight adults.

This is Kayleigh’s true LGBTQ story:

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