La. voters still against marriage equality, but opposition continues to decline

Many of Louisiana state workers' same-sex spouses will now be eligible for health insurance.

Voters in Louisiana remain strongly opposed to same-sex marriage but opposition continues to decline, according to the latest polling from Public Policy Polling.

Louisiana-flagThe poll released Tuesday finds that 55 percent of respondents said they opposed legalizing same-sex marriage in Louisiana, while 32 percent said they would support it.

Last August, the same polling firm reported 63 percent of Louisiana respondents opposed same-sex marriage, a 12-point shift in favor of same-sex marriage over the past 11 months.

“There is, at least, an increasing consensus that gay couples should have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples,” says pollster Tom Jensen.

And while 55 percent of respondents still oppose legalizing same-sex marriage, the poll found strong acceptance of granting legal rights to same sex couples: 62 percent of voters said they support at least civil unions for same-sex couples, compared to only 32 percent who opposed to any sort of recognition.

The poll also found that 49 percent of Louisiana voters under 30 support marriage equality, and that the overall negative numbers are being driven largely by opposition among seniors (67 percent).

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