Brian Brown confident anti-gay activists ‘stand on the right side of history’

Brian Brown confident anti-gay activists ‘stand on the right side of history’
Speaking at the “March for Marriage” rally in Washington on Thursday, National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown declared that those fighting against marriage equality will never give up and will eventually be victorious because “we stand for the truth about marriage.”

“We know that some day,” Brown proclaimed, “whether it’s one year, ten years, twenty years, or decades from now, people will look back at this time and remember those of us who stood up for the truth.”

Then, quoting Abraham Lincoln, Brown declared that anti-gay activists “stand on the right side of history”:


Also at Thursday”s rally, NOM Chairman John Eastman NOM’s John Eastman compared the U.S. Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision To Dred Scott.


In his speech to the March for Marriage today, National Organization for Marriage chairman John Eastman compared the Supreme Court’s decision striking down a key part of the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act to the infamous Dred Scott decision.

Eastman cited Justice Scalia’s “call to arms” in his dissent to the DOMA decision, paraphrasing it as, “the court should never take away controversial issues away from the voters in this country.”

“The last time the court tried to do that a century and a half ago on the slavery question, Abraham Lincoln refused to comply,” he said.


The rally was sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage. The Associated Press reported there to be between 1,000 and 2,000 attendees.

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