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Va. GOP leader blocks attempt to impeach AG over gay marriage support

RICHMOND, Va. — Republican leaders in the Virginia state legislate have blocked an effort begin an impeachment inquiry process against Attorney General Mark Herring over his support for marriage equality.

Bob Marshall
Bob Marshall
Del. Bob Marshall, who co-authored the state’s 2006 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, submitted a resolution last week to begin the impeachment process after Herring declined to defend the ban in a federal court challenge.

But House Speaker Bill Howell (R) denied Marshall’s resolution, saying he “does not believe impeachment is an appropriate or practical recourse at the moment.”

Marshall had hoped the impeachment inquiry would have “the other delegates look and see if Mark Herring is following the procedures proscribed of him in the Virginia constitution,” though he admits he “didn’t calculate” the possibility of his resolution being turned down.

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Marshall’s plea for public support included referring to same-sex marriage as “same-sex sodomy marriage” and suggesting that attorney Ted Olson, one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers challenging the ban, is in a race to remove “all standards against same-sex or sodomy marriage in America, to the detriment of children and the well-being of society.”

In addition to co-authoring the marriage ban that was struck down by a federal judge earlier this year, Marshall has staunchly opposed any attempts to expand LGBT equality related bills in the General Assembly.

Herring’s office was unabashed in their criticism of Marshall’s impeachment attempt, saying “a small handful of legislators seem to remain oblivious as to how the law works.”

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