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Topeka, Kan., home of Westboro Baptist Church, approves LGBT ordinances

TOPEKA, Kan. — The Topeka City Council approved two ordinances aimed at reducing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Topeka, Kan.
Topeka, Kan.

The council on Tuesday approved establishing a city domestic partnership registry for same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

The second ordinance would ban the city from discriminating in employment and hiring based on gender identity. The measure also requires the city to try to provide health coverage for any city employees registered with the city as being part of a domestic partnership.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the council chamber was full for the meeting, with several people speaking for and against each proposal.

Topeka is home to the Westboro Baptist Church, the virulently anti-gay group best known for their “God Hates Fags” demonstrations and protesting at the funerals of U.S. service members.

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