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Police say murdered Philadelphia man met his killer on Grindr

CHESTER, Pa. — Police are investigating the murder of a Philadelphia man they say met his killer using the gay hook-up app Grindr.

Dino Dizdarevic
Dino Dizdarevic

Dino Dizdarevic, a 25-year-old chemical engineer, was found by a passerby at the bottom of a fire escape in an overgrown lot in Chester, Pa. Police say he had been beaten and strangled to death.

On Wednesday, April 30, Dizdarevic told his boyfriend, Nick McBee, with whom he was in an open relationship, he was driving to Chester to meet a man he’d met on Grindr, reported

McBee began to fear the worst when the night wore on and he hadn’t heard anything from him. “He was a responsible person. He always called to let me know where he was,” he says. “I knew something was wrong.”

When Dizdarevic failed to return home, friends contacted his parents, who reside in Lexington, Ky,

The Delaware County Times reports that Dizdarevic fled Bosnia with his family in 1993. A church in Richmond, Ky., sponsored the family, and they settled in Kentucky.

Longtime fried Drew Owen said it was ironic that Dino would escape the widespread devastation and ethnic killings in his war-ravaged homeland only to die a violent death in the U.S.

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