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Mike Huckabee: Impeach judge who struck down same-sex marriage ban

Mike Huckabee: Impeach judge who struck down same-sex marriage ban
Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee AP

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says lawmakers in his home state should impeach a judge who struck down the state’s gay marriage ban, saying the judge ignored the will of voters.

In a blog post on his political action committee website, Huckabee on Sunday criticized Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza for finding unconstitutional a 2004 amendment and 1997 state law banning same-sex marriage.

Huckabee wrote that the governor should call a special session to impeach Piazza. A spokesman for the PAC confirmed that Huckabee wrote the post.

Huckabee wrote that if Arkansans want to legalize same-sex marriage, they should put it on the ballot and vote for it.

Huckabee ran unsuccessfully for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination and is mulling another White House run. He now lives in Florida.

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Meanwhile, one state lawmaker has already called for Piazza’s impeachment. State Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Conway, Ark.) said over the weekend he has been contacted by other legislators that would seek to start impeachment proceedings against Piazza in the House of Representatives.

But Republican House Speaker Davy Carter called Rapert’s suggestion “absurd,” and said he would not support any attempts at impeachment.

“Trying to impeach a judge because you don’t like his or her decision notwithstanding the subject matter is absurd and goes against hundreds of years of the way our great country has conducted business under our three branches of government,” said Carter.

“The appellate process needs to run its course. Our forefathers saw the importance of our constitution and system of self-governance,” he said. “That system has worked well for a long time and make us who we are as a country. I won’t support any effort to undermine that.”

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