Dallas host: ESPN airing Michael Sam kiss ‘shocking,’ strippers OK for a.m. TV

After the internet exploded earlier this week with video of Dallas morning show host Amy Kushnir storming off the set amid a heated debate over ESPN’s broadcast of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend, Kushnir took to Fox News on Thursday to further lament that the kiss was “shocking,” “inappropriate” and “over the top.”


Kushnir said she opposed the broadcast because she is Christian who maintains “traditional values” in her home, and that public affection (between men) shouldn’t be “pushed in faces” because parents may not “want their children to see this.”

[ Video of the original broadcast is here. ]

But as Queerty discovered, male strippers are completely acceptable fare for morning television when moms are watching with their young pre-schoolers at their knee. In fact, Kushnir was simply giddy with excitement over being hoisted up by half naked men.


Meanwhile, Kushnir says she has received death threats since Monday’s broadcast, and some are calling on the station to fire her. While Kushnir was in New York for her Fox News debut, her co-hosts at KTXD-TV’s “The Broadcast” said she was the victim of social media bullying, and Suzie Humphreys clarified that her “best friend was gay” and that she’s “not anti-gay” or “anti-anything.”


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